The Word Frequency List is on appstore

July 28th, 2013



Today our English-learning app “Word Frequency List 2.0″  is available for download on appstore , We list more than 12000 most important English words by their using frequency in this app, the data is from American National Corpus which includes 4.1 billion English words. The words are divided into 5 sets, each word are more ‘important’ than the one after. This could help user to learn English more efficiently by learning words from the more important ones and avoiding rare used ones.

appstore link :

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flipink 1.1 release note

March 18th, 2013

flipink1.1 release note

The flipink version 1.1 is available in appstore now :

New features and fixes:
1. Improve undo/redo performance
2. Fix crashing bug while loading texture asynchronously
3. Add navigation to previous picked colors in Color Picker
4. Generate PDF for a book and share to other applications
5. Sharing pages to Flickr and Instagram
6. Support Pressure Stylus Pogo Connect
7. Improve Color Picker accuracy and usability

The app store app: Flipink

February 27th, 2013


Today we submitted the app “flipink” to app store, hopefully it will get approve in one week : ). this is the most complex project I have ever built with my parter Perry, more than 50 thousands lines of code really make me exhausted.

Perry is a great iOS programmer, he did all the database,painting tray UI, file management and SNS sharing modules of this app, I did the 3D UI, openGL accelerated painter and designed the icons, UI, and animations.

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the world most user so far: 3D user search gallery

November 20th, 2007


I bulid this project during 6.2007-10.2007, It is a 3D user search interface for, I finish the prototype in 2 weeks,but spend 3 month on debug and connect with the huge database system of now, everyday here is at least 5millions visitor, It’s said that this is the most popular 3D RIA in this world, I am very proud of it.

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Hello world!

November 15th, 2007

Hi everyone ! welcome to , this is my first article in this website , will become my favorate place to discuss and share my experience and knowledge in computer graph field, and also I will release some interesting information when I travel around the world.