Golf Game with flash 10.1 api

January 1st, 2011


I made a Golf Game last month for the company I joined in recently ,this Golf game is based on the new flash 10.1 API, thanks for the enhanced matrix3d class,  my lite 3D flash engine can do more  serious 3D rendering than before.

The movement of the golf ball is calculated real time by a very simple terrain collide algorithm , each time when the colliding happen, it will recalculate the angle of velocity based on the slop of terrain’s colliding point .

I also made a scene edit tool for editing the terrain, plants and physical properties, it’s based on Adobe AIR.

This final result is better than I expected, landscapes are beautiful and the rendering is fast, It’s really hard for me to build 3d model in 3D max and draw the texture in Photoshop but anyway I did it, 3D Max is really a mess.

I spend a lot of time on enhancing rendering performance, now the CPU useage on my core 2 2.2 Ghz Mac laptop  is below 30% during most of the time.

The language of menu is Chinese because this is for an exhibition hold in China.






One Response to “Golf Game with flash 10.1 api”

  1. Felix on June 23, 2011 12:54 am

    Looks nice Huang, would be nice to try it out :)

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