Pigment movement & deposition simulation

December 9th, 2012

Pigment movement & deposition simulation

Several yeas ago I spend a whole month study Nelson Chu’s thesis (http://visgraph.cse.ust.hk/MoXi/moxi.pdf) to try to develop a painting tool specialize for traditional Chinese and Japanese(also watercolor) painting, but I got involved in some other projects and this one stopped.This year Finally I had enough time to finish the algorithm.

I was aim to build a realistic painting software on ipad and android pad , so I simplified the algorithm and made an ipad version of it, the core of this app is by using openGL ES shading language, but the fluid simulating algorithm is extremely slow on mobile graphic card , with the latest ipad3 ,it can only run at 5 fps. I could only wish the ipad 5 can do better job in future.It could be nice if I can implement this algorithm in my painting app “flipink” when ipad powerful enough to run.


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